TWAIN 2.4 Coming Soon...

Features of TWAIN Version 2.3

Released November 21, 2013

  • TWAIN.H is unified, with one header file supporting Windows, Linux and Mac OS X, bringing full support for TWAIN 2.x to Mac OS X for the first time.
  • Printer functionality is significantly expanded
  • Clarification of driver startup versus driver default values, and the proper effect of the MSG_RESET and MSG_RESETALL operations.
  • A new image meta-data value that a driver can report to an application
  • A section detailing the best coding practices for application and driver writers.
  • Additional tests for the TWAIN Self-Certification system, and a note that TWAIN Self-Certification applications can now be registered on the TWAIN Working Group website.

Features of TWAIN Version 2.2

Released February 16, 2012

  • Self-Certification and the white papers for Mandatory Features and Capability Ordering are incorporated into the body of the TWAIN Specification
  • Data Sources advertise the DG / DAT operations they support
  • A single chapter defines the entire symbolic and numeric space for the TWAIN 2.2 Specification
  • Constraining a capability is now distinct from the ability to get, set and reset it's current value 
  • References the Sample Code for Applications and Data Sources
  • New definitions added for multiple color dropout, double document detection, negotiable image segments, greater control of warning and error dialogs from the data source, paper handling, printing and the ability to detect both busy and locked data sources

Features of TWAIN Version 2.1

Released October 28, 2009

  • Supported on Windows 7 and 32 and 64-bit systems
  • Support for automatic color detection
  • Capabilities to help improve performance
  • Application can ID supported image info
  • Application can set default data source
  • Auto sizing Documents
  • Application can get localized strings from data source
  • Unique ID for data sources interface
  • Auto selection between feeder and flatbed

Features of TWAIN Version 2.0

Released February 22, 2008

  • Supports Linux/Unix
  • Deprecates unused features
  • Check scanning support
  • Improved sample code
  • PDF/A support
  • Open source
  • 64-bit
  • SDMI (single document multi images)

Features of TWAIN Version 1.9

Released January 15, 1999

  • ICC Color Profiles
  • Macintosh support for OS X

Features of TWAIN Version 1.8

Released October 22, 1998

  • Concentrates on mid/high volume scanners and digital cameras
  • Image Filesytem
  • Camera controls
  • Audio controls
  • Device events
  • Barcode and Patchcode control
  • Printer control
  • Image processing control
  • Language and Country coverage increased

Features of TWAIN Version 1.7

Released August 19, 1997

  • Custom Data Structure – Definition of Settings that can be Saved
  • Option to Set Scanner Settings at Scan Time (i.e. Not Saved)
  • Actual Image Size
  • Option for Saving User's Selected Scanning Settings (Source & Application)
  • Test to Ascertain if Source Supports Extended Information
  • Enable and Disable Thumbnails (Digital Camera)
  • Duplex Scanning
  • Set Counter for Endorser
  • Recognize Other Data like Barcodes, OCR, ICR, Patch Code

Features of TWAIN 1.6

Released February 5, 1996

  • Page length detection
  • Buffer Transfer

Features of TWAIN 1.5

Released May, 1993

  • Performance Enhancements

TWAIN 1.0 Initial Release February, 1992